Learn Essential Computer Skills

EnglishPedia Computer Training Center

EnglishPedia Computer Training Center is a proud department of the EnglishPedia Foundation, here we offer a diverse range of computer courses for learners of all levels.

Why us

Why Choose EnglishPedia Computer Training Center?

Expert Instructors

Learn from experts who provide personalized guidance and hands-on training.

Variety of Courses

Explore a variety of courses covering software applications, programming languages, and IT essentials.

Modern Facilities

Study in a technologically advanced environment, with the latest computers and software.

Flexible Learnin

Choose from our flexible schedules, which suit your busy lifestyle.

Real-World Applications

Gain practical, job-ready skills on various applications.

Small Class Sizes

Enjoy interactive learning and hand-hold support in small size classes.

Our Featured Course

ADCA Prime

ADCA Prime is a complete 12-month program that goes beyond traditional computer education. In ADCA Prime we also give placement assurance for selected students.

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